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Booking A Senior Session

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Your Senior Portraits are perhaps the most important photographs that you'll ever have taken of yourself other then your wedding day, and i love to be the one that gets to show you just how amazing and unique you actually are.     

 So where do i start you say?  which photographer should i use?  how should i plan for it?  When should i schedule ?  What should i expect?    

 Ok  how about we  start with what you can expect  on the day of your Session and then we'll go from there.

          On the day of your Senior session ,   You can expect  generally around  15 minutes of real life  orientation and super easy coaching (no, you do not have to be a model,  i Promise you are already super photogenic, just relax and let me  Prove it to you).  Next  we will walk through and talk through our plan for the shoot and locations. Our ultimate goal is to bring out your best look, your amazing style, and definitely your adorable personality .                 

 After our orientation,  You and i aided by my assistant  will simply just go have some fun for a few hours shooting  a variety of   directed and semi candid  portraits .  Note:  If you have brought along your best friend, your brother, sister, Mom or dad,  they will be put to work,  I will Gladly Transform them   into my personal  assistant for the day  in quite  short order. 

  We will be on a field trip of sorts and will cover  multiple Shot locations as well as multiple outfit and Prop changes to add variety to your Images .                                         

you are definitely welcome to bring along your favorite prop, your faithful family dog, that cool hat sitting in your closet or  just whatever your creative mind can come up with.  If you can't seem to come up with anything, don't worry  Ive  most certainly got you covered. Im continually scouting and gathering  locations, Props, and accessaries  like a little Kid on an Easter egg hunt,  its just what i love to  do.    

     Capturing images that Reflect your personality and unique look is all about Positive Attitude, Building your confidence in front of the camera, and Getting you to Relax and enjoy  not only being  your self, but also the movie star for the day not to mention having a blast in the process.               

              As you go through life there are certain  milestones that should be  reserved for professional Photography and you guessed it, this is one of those Milestones.                                                

If your planning to book a session  with me , call me very early on so we can get you on the calendar,  visit about  your ideas, get you going in the right direction, and i can   personally Email  you my detailed page on "preparing for your senior Session".         

  The truth is we can get outstanding pictures in the  spring, summer, winter or  fall.    However my recommendation is definitely  the  summer following  your Junior year , not only because its warm, but also because it has the least amount of busy  Schedules with sports practices etc.

Your Session fee due at the time of booking is $175.00.

   The same day we book your session, we will also schedule our photo viewing and ordering date where you and your parent will sit down with me  over a cup of  hot coffee, sort through your fabulous images, agree on your favorites for me to edit, and finally  Make your order for Prints and products from one of my 3 packages, or A La Carte. 

                                                                                                    Thanks for your interest , Im looking forward to meeting you and making some Beautiful images.  I Promise your gonna love your pictures. call me at 406-827-5200 for any questions, details or  for booking thank you ... Darrin

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