Engagement shoots - darrinkern

So he finally Popped the Question, and now your Hoping for Some fantastic Engagement  pictures.

Well  first of all congratulations   you two.    I always but always say  - "Love is a Beautiful thing."  -  Which is one of the main  reasons  that   Engagement sessions are one of  my  very most enjoyable and favorite  Photo shoots to do.   

Hey did you know that everyone of my weddings includes a free Engagement session and ill tell ya why.

   One of the best things you and i can do to guarantee a fabulous wedding day photo experience is for us to get to know each other , make friends, and practice looking amazing and comfortable in front of  The camera guy -  [yours truly ]   

Now let me tell you its actually gonna be a piece of cake for you guys,  because number one your not wondering what to do with your hands, they'll be holding  the hand  of your true love,  and  number 2 you wont  have to make yourself smile cuz your gonna be doing  exactly  what i'm guessing  you already love to do which is hopefully being loving and romantic with  the love of your life.     Its  fun, easy  and so natural.                                                                                           

    Im  super excited for you two , and looking forward to meeting and making some  beautiful and unforgettable    pictures.    My cell is 406-827-5200  best Wishes.    Darrin                                                          

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