Meet the photographer - darrinkern

Hi and Welcome to my little world.   My name is Darrin  and as you possibly may soon  discover, capturing amazing portraits  is an adventure of artistic  expression that i quite thrive on.  I don't have to, I actually just love to, there is a big difference.  In this realm of life,  My joy   is  making beautiful pictures of ordinary people just like you.  

  I happily reside   In the small yet strikingly Pristine Piece of The "Big Sky Country Known as Trout Creek.

     Yes , I have Grown Kids and I thank God  for them and the fine adults they've become over the years and  Guess what?, Im even  a proud Grandpa now if you can believe that. Wow how time flies  by.

   My " Wife for Life" (as she puts it)  is none other then - Mrs. Tanya Theresa Kern .  An Encourager by design. Wit-full , creative and lovable. She's without a doubt the " Glass is half full " Kind of woman , plus  She's  Naturally Gorgeous and also  likes to go Traveling with me. Im defiantly a lucky guy.    For all of her

goodness , Well  Yes, of corse i bring her coffee in bed every morning what Man in his right mind wouldn't right?

Some of the things that recharge my Batteries besides shooting pictures includes but is not limited to Hiking in the mountains, playing my guitar, singing, Traveling, Guiding , exploring , Camping and spending Quality time  with my family.

 I  Absolutely love  sunshine , believe  Camo goes with just about anything  and I prefer to eat my raspberries and Huckle berries streight  off the bush.  

 I  Greatly dislike the term "Pose" and  I believe  life is short and should never  be wasted  ,  I try  to  follow God where he leads me .  I love the uniqueness in people and mostly  see Them not  just as they are but also  as they will be.  

  I Believe Being photogenic is actually  a state of Mind  and I get  to be the one to   show you  its totally you.     I Believe having a full head of hair is overrated (mostly cuz i don't).       I never get bored and  my quest is for  purpose , fulfillment , love and adventure.

 Any failures  in my life -(and there have been some), have only severed to  fine tune my character, hope and ultimate triumph.   I Reckon thats why I totally prefer  movies with happy endings.

     I was Born an artist, and ill hopefully die an Artist, a man of quotes, sayings and Visualization.   I Suppose you could say I see the world and faces around me as stories In Progress and myself as the illustrator through my gift of imagery.       

    If you are on a quest for an easygoing  photographer that has the heart and skills to call out the best in you, capture your personality and uniqueness in a fun and inspiring way and empower you to shine like the sun,    Just give me a heads up and ill grab my Camera gear and  just like that,  we'll go make some Amazing Pictures.

  If you would like to visit with me about  possibly booking a photo shoot .  my Cell number is 406-827-5200 .     Cant wait to meet you.      Sincerely your photographer     Darrin.  

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